Container Transloading Logistics Services

There are times when a shipping container has to take several modes of transportation to get to its destination, such as a warehouse. It may be loaded from a port to travel to a rail yard, then be shipped from rail for part of the trip before it is placed onto a truck.

When it comes to container transloading services, you want a company that has the regional fleet available to move your shipment based on your schedule. Learn more about transloading logistics and how JYC Trucking has the capabilities to get your containers to their destinations on time.

What Is Transloading?

Transloading is a logistical strategy that relies on using assets to transport shipping containers using several modes of transportation during a single trip. This strategy often entails an importer acquiring a shipment from a global manufacturer as the shipment arrives at a chosen port by ocean vessel.

The container is then loaded onto a trailer as the truck driver moves it for a short distance to another mode of transportation, such as another port or railyard. The container is moved from the trailer and onto the rail car or boat. Then the shipment goes to another location where it is offloaded and placed onto another truck as it is moved to a warehouse, distribution center, retailer or other destination.

Benefits of Transloading

Importers take advantage of transloading transportation logistics when streamlining their supply chains. There are times when moving a shipment through numerous modes of transportation can speed up shipment deliveries and reach warehouses that are in remote locations. It is also convenient when you plan to deconsolidate goods from the trailers and redistribute the goods into other containers based on their destinations. Then the goods can travel along the best routes in time.

JYC Trucking's Transloading Services

JYC Trucking offers comprehensive transloading services for importers, exporters and other shipping professionals. As a key part of our trucking capabilities, we can move shipping containers between Long Beach and Los Angeles ports to any destination in CaliforniaArizonaNevada and Utah.

We help you avoid per diem and storage fees even when your container has to take more than one day to be transported. Our transportation fleet moves your containers between ports, rail yards and other trucks as we take the trailers to warehouses, distribution centers, stores, industrial plants and other locations. We also take the empty trailers from ports and get them loaded at other destinations to then bring them back to the port.

Our Tracking Services

Our container transloading company offers live tracking systems throughout our carrier fleet. Once we gain possession of your containers, our tracking devices will continuously send up real-time updates regarding the shipment's movements.

We will know if anything occurs to the shipment that may cause a delay to your schedule. Our customers receive updates via email notifications to stay in constant contact with our customer service team. We offer all supporting documents as well as proof of delivery as you will know when the goods have arrived.

Why Choose Us?

In business since 2018, we have formed strong relationships with ports and railyard owners to ensure that shipments leave and arrive on time. We can move any size load, even heavy 20-foot trailers of up to 45,000 pounds. You can easily secure capacity because we own and lease our own equipment, so you can gain additional cost savings.

Since our 25,000-square-foot yard is only three miles from Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, our team can pre-pull any last minute containers well within the last free day and have it delivered to the destination that you request. Contact us today for more information.