Meet Our Dynamic Team of Drayage and Logistics Experts

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Tahnee - Sales

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Tahnee is a Sales Manager with JYC and comes from UPS. Tahnee specializes in Sales and Supply Chain Logistics and in winning new business from shippers. Tahnee is a proud United States Army Veteran and in her spare time she enjoys visiting the beach and baking.


Arelis - Sales

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Arelis has more than 4 years of experience in customer satisfaction and logistics. Outside of work she enjoys activities such as singing, dancing, and hiking. Cycling and family time is also at the top of the her list. Arelis is currently studying community management and considers herself to be a life long learner and has a heart for helping others.

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Edwin - Operations

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Edwin is JYC's 2nd official hire. He started off as our driver and now is heading the operations department. He is bringing his driver terminal experience and is applying it to arrange for pickups, delivering and returning containers in a timely manner. When Edwin is not working at JYC, he is enjoying his time with his family. He also volunteers at his church with the youth group and music team.

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Carlos - Founder

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Carlos specializes in logistics, sales, and soccer. When he is not working at JYC he is usually hanging out with his church group or exercising. He enjoys traveling and all sorts of foods, especially Latin and Mediterranean cuisine and he is on a mission to model gold standard service in drayage via JYC.


Miguel - Sales

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Miguel has a background in financial management and is a soon-to-be graduate in international business management. He has profound fondness for all aspects concerning logistics, accompanied by a fervent enthusiasm for sports such as tennis, road cycling, and mountain biking. He also takes pride in being the owner of Kuko, his Schnauzer canine companion, who offers unwavering companionship throughout his journey. Miguel attributes his discipline to his military service in the navy. He considers himself a traveler who is friendly towards pets and possesses a fondness for the extraordinary 🏍️🍕🐶


Malory - Sales

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Malory loves sales and customer service and takes pride in performing her work as efficiently as possible. She also has a huge desire to learn all the different intricacies of logistics and is excited to continue to expand her knowledge. Malory is very close to her family and enjoys spending time with her son and living healthy life.


Reziel - Accounts Receivable

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Reziel is an experienced Accounting Bookkeeper with over 6 years of experience. Her passion is helping small businesses achieve their success by maintaining accurate financial records and providing timely and reliable information. She handled various industries such as retail, construction, real estate etc. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, food tasting , watching volleyball and spending time with my family.