Container Drayage Trucking And Transloading Services

Once we receive the order, we track the vessel, monitor for availability and holds, and confirm the delivery appointment with you - it is that simple.

What We Do

JYC Trucking is a leading provider of over-the-road trucking services that specializes in transporting shipping containers to and from the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. We serve companies anywhere within the states of California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah that are importing or exporting goods. Customers can count on our container shipping services to haul furniture, apparel, automotive, plastics, footwear and more with dependability and efficiency. Whether you need drayage services, transloading services or other capabilities, you’ll be working with knowledgeable professionals who are skilled at coordinating with brokers, shippers and freight forwarders.

With our complete drayage trucking services, you can be certain we will get your containers to and from the port as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our ocean drayage capabilities  provide you with total visibility throughout the journey so you always know where your shipments are at all times. Our process is simple. It all starts when we receive your order request. Our team will then track the vessel carrying your freight, monitoring it carefully for availability and holds. We also provide round-trip service for your containers, returning the empty ones back to the port so you have one less thing to worry about.

Part of our tasks also involves confirming our delivery appointment with you and making sure your team is aware of the oncoming cargo. We also work with bonded and reefer cargo.

When drop-off points are located far inland, it might be difficult to accomplish the delivery within one day. We’ve also experienced instances when our team has to wait a few days before completing a delivery.

In these cases, over-the-road (OTR) trucking is the best and most practical option. Our expertise with transloading means cargo that requires more than a day of transit time is no trouble for us to handle. This solution works to help us reduce per diem fees and storage costs charged by various steamship lines. Our container trucking services also include hauling empty containers from the ports directly to you for loading. We utilize the latest technology to keep eyes on your freight at all times.

Shipping overseas involves navigating a lot of complex requirements. When you choose us for bonded trucking services, you can rest assured we will handle all the ins and outs of dealing with duties, customs and taxes. This means you won’t have to worry about being in compliance as your freight makes its way to your final destination and can avoid delays caused by mismanagement.

Our intermodal trucking services ensure you always have the right mode of transportation for your shipments to meet every situation. We have access to BNSF and Union Pacific rail ramps, meaning we can accommodate picking up or returning containers with maximum ease and convenience for you.

Diligent Hazmat Shipping

When your shipments require the utmost care, you can count on us to make all the arrangements. Our white-glove service ensures we will do everything we can to keep your cargo and everyone around it safe throughout the shipping process. Our expertise and advanced technology make it easier for us to handle potentially hazardous materials as safely as possible.

Why Choose Us?

We’re an asset-based trucking company, meaning we own and lease all our equipment. This not only keeps your costs lower, but also ensures total accountability and visibility. We have a 25,000-square-foot yard only three miles away from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, ensuring we can hold last-minute containers for you until you tell us it’s time to deliver. No matter what we do for you, we do it with your needs top-of-mind. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out and speak with us today.

Request Our Services

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, reach out to our team here in Wilmington, California.