Container Drayage Services

Importers and other shipping professionals deal with tight schedules and costly shipping fees when moving containers from ports to warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and other destinations. You need a way for these shipments to be moved through different types of intermodal logistical means, whether it is from port to truck, truck to rail yard or other types of transportation. A container drayage company’s trucking services can provide you with an economical, safe and fast means to get your shipments across short distances.

What Are Drayage Services?

Port drayage services refer to the movement of goods from a port to an inland destination, such as a warehouse. The imported goods arrive in storage containers on freight ocean vessels to a specified port. It is a convenient means for importers to move their shipments when they do not have access to a drayage trucking service.

How Drayage Works

Here at JYC Trucking LLC, we perform intermodal drayage services by tracking the shipment on vessels as they arrive and move between ports, such as in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California. Then we load the containers (up to 20-foot units and 45,000 lobs) onto our trucks as we move the goods from vessels to distribution centers, warehouses, stores and other destinations within CaliforniaNevadaArizona and Utah.

Our drayage carrier fleet can also perform local deliveries with heavy containers within 100 miles of the JYC trucking yard located in Wilmington, California. Whether you have an emergency or time-sensitive shipment, or need additional logistical services to complement your existing transportation infrastructure, our trucking service is readily available to keep container shipments on schedule.

Benefits of Drayage Services

Drayage shipping is ideal for small importers to large multinational companies who receive container shipments by ocean vessels from global manufacturers. The trucking company is often located only a few miles from major ports and can easily get the shipments loaded onto vehicles and out on the road. When an importer does not have the transportation fleet available, or their trucks are busy with other errands, the drayage company can pick up the slack and move the containers safely from port to port, port to rail or between trucks.

JYC Trucking's Tracking Capabilities

JYC Trucking has unique tracking technologies for drayage containers making the long trip to ports and destinations. Our trucking fleet has real-time tracking systems that send transportation data to our customer service team. With this data, we send email notifications regarding the movement of freight to our customers so that they are always informed about where their shipment is.

You will instantly know if there are any transportation delays due to traffic, road construction, accidents, weather-related mishaps, late arriving ocean vessels or other issues. Our customer service is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have to bring peace of mind that your shipment is on its way to the destination.

Why Choose Us?

JYC Trucking is an industry leader when it comes to moving containers throughout California and surrounding states. Our staff offers white glove service to provide customers with the transportation services that they desire the most. We offer guaranteed regional services with a 25,000-square-foot trucking yard only three miles from LA/LB ports — so we can pre-pull shipments at the last minute from our terminal and move them to our yard, then you can tell us where to make the delivery drop-off.

Since we own and lease all of our equipment, we can ensure that vehicles are well maintained and will arrive based on your schedule. You can cut down on your transportation costs by taking advantage of our trusted team and latest tracking technologies. Contact JYC Trucking for more information.