Intermodal Freight Shipping Services

Importers and exporters are constantly searching for the best ways to move shipping containers between available ports or throughout California and adjacent states. There are times when it is necessary to combine several modes of transportation, such as ocean vessels, trucking and rail. Here at JYC Trucking, we offer intermodal freight shipping and live tracking technologies to transport your freight to where it needs to go. Learn more about our team services and this transportation strategy.

About Intermodal Shipping Services

Intermodal container hauling involves moving shipping containers between several forms of transportation: ocean vessel, rail and truck. Most intermodal shipping involves international or domestic travel. International intermodal shipping is moving the freight from nearby ports to warehouses, distribution centers and other locations using vehicle transport. Domestic intermodal shipping consists of moving freight using rail yards and trucking. In many cases, shippers combine all three transport modes for a robust and versatile supply chain.

Using several transportation modes allows importers and exporters to get shipments to their destinations in the fastest and safest way possible while reducing costs. Both ships and trains have established routes, unlike trucks, which may experience traffic congestion and idling that can increase fuel expenses.

How Intermodal Shipping Works

Intermodal transportation involves a customer hiring intermodal freight carriers to pick up shipping containers filled with goods that will either be imported into the country or exported globally. In the case of imported goods, a drayage truck arrives at the nearby port to load up the shipping container from the ocean vessel.

The truck then drives the container to the nearest rail yard, where the container is unloaded from the truck and loaded on the waiting rail car. Next, the shipping container moves by rail to a rail yard or terminal, where the container is moved onto another waiting truck that will transport the goods to their specified destination.

Intermodal Services With JYC Trucking LLC

Whether you have limited trucking capacity or need vehicle transport between ports and rail yards, having a reliable carrier network is essential to meet shipping deadlines. JYC Trucking LLC provides intermodal cargo transport throughout California and into the nearby states of NevadaArizona and Utah.

Our trucking capabilities ensure that you can decide on the right mode of transportation for every type of good being moved within shipping containers. We are able to move shipments from container terminals located at Los Angeles and Long Beach shipping ports to nearby Union Pacific and BNSF rail ramps. We offer round trip service for shipping containers, as we also move the empty containers back to their location of origin. If you have a shipping container that must move between ports or take rail services in California, JYC Trucking LLC can accommodate by providing convenient and reliable trucking services.

Live Tracking Technologies

To further streamline customers’ supply chains and logistical services, JYC Trucking LLC relies on live tracking technologies for our intermodal freight carriers. We know the location of every truck picking up and dropping off containers at ports, rail yards, warehouses, distribution centers and other locations, so customers always know where their shipments are during the transportation process.

With our superior customer service team and email notifications, we provide proof of delivery and live updates regarding the status of all shipping orders. You'll immediately know of any changes to shipping and can prepare your workers for freight loading and unloading processes.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2018, JYC Trucking LLC has provided seamless drayage, intermodal and transloading services to both importers and exporters throughout the California region. We offer guaranteed end-to-end trucking services for shipping containers, whether you need to move freight between ports, rail terminals or nearby stores and warehouses. Since we own and lease our equipment, customers can keep their freight shipping costs low no matter where the shipments have to go. Contact JYC Trucking LLC for more information or to schedule services.