Furniture Container Carrier

Furniture importers and exporters move a range of products between manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, stores, and customers. Having a dedicated furniture shipper transports any kind of furniture within shipping containers between ports, rail yards, and other locations ensures that your shipments arrive on time to meet expected deadlines. JYC Trucking LLC is an over-the-road carrier furniture company that moves shipping containers to points throughout CaliforniaUtahNevada, and Arizona as well as between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We provide drayage, intermodal, transloading, and bonded transport services for the furniture industry.

When you are looking for cost-effective and safe furniture shipping solutions for your containers, obtain our end-to-end furniture freight shipping services. We have the carrier fleet, tracking technology, and white glove customer service team for every customer who needs to move furniture from point A to point B and any areas between.

Furniture Shipper Services

Drayage Trucking

Furniture importers and exporters shipping to global locations require transport vehicles to carry shipping containers to and from ports. Whether you have transport vehicles but cannot get those vehicles to the port in time to pick up shipments, or you need dedicated furniture freight carriers, our company offers round trip services for your shipping containers. We own and lease all of our equipment, making drayage services affordable for our customers.

Transloading Services

JYC Trucking LLC's transloading services are designed for both regular and specialized furniture freight that can take more than a day to transport to various inland locations. If you are using additional modes of transportation or must delay a shipment from your end, our transloading services can help reduce shipping and per diem costs.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Type 2 Bonded Transport

For furniture shipments that are going to be stored in a bonded warehouse without being immediately sold in the United States or when moving international shipping containers between ports, the freight should be transported by a bonded carrier with experience about United States duties, customs, and taxes. JYC Trucking is a bonded furniture carrier, so every shipment is in compliance with local, state, and federal shipping regulations.

Intermodal Shipping

Furniture companies may use various modes of transportation to move shipping containers, such as rails, trucks, and boats. JYC Trucking provides intermodal logistics for your furniture freight. Our trucks can move shipping containers between rail yards and ports, ports and warehouses, and other in-between locations. Select the best mode of transportation to fit your shipping schedules as we will handle the on-the-road trucking work.

Track Furniture Freight Anywhere

Live tracking technologies and customer services from JYC Trucking allows us to monitor all shipping containers as they move along roads. We determine the exact location of shipments and provide tracking information to customers so they can be prepared for when the shipment arrives at the location. We send live updates to customers through email locations and provide proof of delivery. Our customer service team is also ready to answer questions regarding your shipments.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to working with trusted specialized furniture carriers, JYC Trucking LLC is a premier shipping container trucking service designed to please customers. We can pick up shipping containers, deliver them to locations, and take empty containers back to Long Beach and Los Angeles ports. If you have furniture freight that has to arrive at a destination depending on a varying schedule, our 25,000-fleet yard, live tracking systems, and white glove customer service provides the logistical strategies, so your company can be competitive in the furniture industry. Contact us today to learn more.