Automotive Container Trucking Services

Each year, 60 million vehicles are manufactured around the world, as the market size of global auto parts manufacturing reaches $2 trillion. Importers and exporters shipping to California ports require safe and fast car transport trucking services to move finished automobiles and parts to dealerships, automotive parts stores, car repair shops and other destinations.

JYC Trucking LLC offers over-the-road auto freight shipping for containers that move between Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in California. We also provide our carrier logistical services to points anywhere in CaliforniaUtahArizona and Nevada. Our experienced team offers a range of services and solutions tailored to the automotive industry, including tracking technology capabilities so that our customers know where their valuable cargo is at all times. If you are shipping automotive-related products such as tires or parts, or you are moving completed vehicles that fit inside shipping containers, our drayage and intermodal trucking capabilities ensure your automotive company can move its cargo wherever it has to go.

JYC's Trucking LLC's Services

Drayage Services

When obtaining global shipments moved by ocean carriers, automotive companies need a fast and reliable way to manage their shipping containers at ports so the parts can be moved between destinations. Our drayage car carrier transport services are designed to handle the entire process, from tracking the ocean vessel carrying your freight to getting the shipping containers on our trucks and transporting the containers to warehouses or other locations. We also return empty containers to the port for your convenience.


When moving vehicle parts inland, sometimes the cargo cannot be transported in one day or with a single mode of transportation. For other times, the shipment can become delayed or cannot be moved out immediately. As your auto transport carrier, we make the necessary accommodations for our customers when moving shipping containers carrying their autos and parts. We work to reduce storage fees and per diem costs while getting the shipment out quickly to meet your specified deadlines.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Type 2 Bonded Transport

Type 2 Bonded transport allows for importers to move automotive freight to the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach without having to pay for U.S. Customs duties when the products won't be sold in the United States. This allows companies to transport their carriers between ports, or to other countries such as Canada or Mexico, without paying duty fees. JYC Trucking LLC is a bonded auto transport trucking service that can move shipments to bonded warehouses where they can be stored for later export to other locations.

Intermodal Shipping

Are you moving automotive shipping containers from port to rail access points? Our Intermodal shipping services offer safe and fast transport to local rail yards, whether you need containers picked up or dropped off. We can deliver the shipping containers to Union Pacific and BNSF rail ramps, pick up containers and return empty containers, since we handle the entire process.

Tracking Technologies

Our auto hauler carriers are equipped with live tracking systems to monitor the transport of every automotive container. We know where your shipment is at all times, as we provide timely email notifications regarding the status of your order and proof of delivery. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service team is always available to provide the solutions that will please every client.

Why Choose Us?

Finding dependable and knowledgeable freight carriers who can handle the transport of automotives and auto parts ensures that every container shipment is handled with care and arrives safely to its destination. Our JYC Trucking LLC services cater to the automotive industry because we have a regional carrier fleet stationed at our 25,000 square foot yard that is only minutes away from the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles, California. We offer white glove customer service and guaranteed delivery based on your established schedules. Contact JYC Trucking LLC today.